Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Austin Ridgell is 6

Our youngest grandchild, Austin Ridgell, turned 6 last week.  And here is why I love him and am proud of him.

He is fearless.  Climbs, jumps, runs, swims, can water ski and well... you get the idea.  I have not yet found anything he is afraid of.  Of course, that also means I have to worry for both of us.

Super active.  All the time.  When we keep all 5 grands, we divide them up this way.  Me and Austin.  Marsha and the other four.

Last week he and his brother and sister went to see Granny, Marsha's Mom.  Austin led This Is the Day.  We all sang. Sweet.

He prays for everything.  I sometimes forget to pray for everything.

He is strong willed.  He does what he wants.  I have watched him count the cost -- you know, if you do this then here is the consequence -- and then do what he wants.  And pay the price.  And if he does not want to do something, he does not.

He talks all the time.  All. the. time.  I do not know where he gets that from tho Marsha seems to think it was inherited from someone in the family.  I tell him not to worry if no one listens.  Happens to me all the time.

The guy loves life.

He loves his Pops.  And I love him.

So here is what I think the future holds for Austin.  He will choose his own path.  It will be about Jesus.  He will not give in to peer pressure.  He will make life exciting and fun for everyone around him.

So thanks God for Austin.  I pray you will use his big heart and his enthusiasm in amazing and powerful ways for the Kingdom.

Tuesday, August 02, 2016


Our Anna Claire is turning 11

Anna Claire, Joe Don and Jamie's girl, turns 11 tomorrow.  Here are a few reasons I love her and am proud of her.

She loves  her family.  She adores her Mom and Dad.  Loves her brothers (even tho she has to put up with lots of "brother" shenanigans).  Loves her extended family of Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins.  And she loves her Mimi and Pops.  She even still likes to hang out with us.

She is really smart.  Not only makes good grades, but actually understands lots of things.  Loves reading and enjoys writing.

Great athlete.  She is really good at softball and basketball.  And I think she is as natural a runner as I have ever seen.  Intense competitor.

She cares about others.  I loved hearing her talk about the family mission trip to Honduras.  Her prayers always include something about other people and not just her.

She has lots of friends.  Teachers like her.  Younger girls look up to her.

Anna loves Jesus.  She wants to follow him.  She wants to make a difference in this world.

She was our first grandchild.  She sets a high standard to follow.  Great example.

So thanks God for giving us our Anna Claire.  Continue molding her into a follower of your Son.  I look forward with great excitement to what you will do with her and thru her in the future.

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