Friday, July 18, 2008


Dana and her twins...

Many of you know Dana Rideout. She has been battling brain cancer for two years and is about one year past the Doctor's projections of her life span. For some time, her daughter and son-in-law had been trying to get pregnant. About nine months ago, during a "treatment" to assist them, Dana was able to accompany her daughter and specifically prayed that God would grant them two healthy children. He did.

A couple of months ago, Dana went back into the hospital and the outlook was grim. Our elders did a couple of annointings, we prayed intently at each chemo treatment, and prayed specifically for healing and that Dana would live to see the twins born. Dana had a great deal of trouble talking and would write notes. Sometimes they were hard to read. But one night when Marsha and I were sitting with Dana and her husband, she wrote a note that I got.

"Tell my story. Give glory to God."

Just thought you would like to know the twins were born last week and they are healthy. Now the prayer is for healing, but also that Dana will get to hold her twins.

Hers is a story of faith. Give God the glory.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Eddie Sharp moving

Eddie Sharp is leaving University church in Abilene to preach at the University Avenue church of Christ in Austin. After 28 years. Wow. We were on staff together about 25 years ago and went to ACU together. They have lived around the corner from us for all that time. Several things occurred to me as I have reflected on this event.

They are too old to take another preaching job. That's the prevailing wisdom in most of our churches. We have seen the recent trend to hire young "up and comers". UA went against the grain and I think they were very astute.

Kudos to Eddie and Annette for being open to God's call at this stage of life.

I cannot imagine what University will do. I am not sure Eddie is replaceable there.

He will be outstanding at University Avenue.

Among all the salutes and thanks going out to the Sharps, let me just say that he was as good at funerals as anyone I have ever heard. Maybe it was all the practice he got at University but he was excellent at it.

Never underestimate the pull of family. Their only grandchild is in Austin.

God bless you Eddie and Annette. You will do well.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Grandkids and Sea World

That's right. Mimi and Pops are going to Sea World with the kids and grandkids. I am guessing Anna, almost 3, and Jake, 2 and 1/2, will eat it up. Avery, 1 year, will like it but be frustrated she can't walk and talk. Andrew, 6 months, will like the activity and see the big things. With six adults, I figure they still have us outnumbered. But it will be fun.

I love experiencing these things thru the eyes of children. They are overwhelmed, fascinated, enthralled, and awed. I love it. We will look, eat, visit, and worship together as a family. Can't wait.

We will be there Friday and Saturday. Some of you have already given some great suggestions about Sea World. Feel free tonite or tomorrow to share more.

See you next week.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Joe Don turned 30 Sunday...

Marsha and I spent last weekend with Joe Don, Jamie, and the grandkids. We were celebrating J.D.'s 30th birthday. It hardly seems possible. Mimi sure doesn't look like someone whose baby is 30. I certainly don't feel old enough to have a son 30.

So to all of you raising your children: it goes really fast, in no time they will be grown, and you will not know where the time went. So cherish every day. You will make lots of parenting mistakes. I cringe at the baggage I gave Julie and Joe Don. But we did lots right. We prayed lots, laughed lots, loved lots. Now here's the best part. Your kids will grow up to be faithful, fun, and really good friends.

Saturday night I watched Joe Don and Jamie with their two and Julie and Bobby with their two. I watched Mimi play with the little ones. And I thought how good God has been to me.

My little boy has grown into a fine Christian man, a good husband, and a great Dad. His kids are going to be so blessed to grow up under him. My best "little buddy" has become a good friend, a trusted adviser, and someone I still enjoy hanging out with.

So know this about your kids: every year it gets better. I enjoy the time I spend with my kids as much now as ever.

Thanks JD for bringing great joy to me over the last 30 years. I look forward to the next 30.

And most of all... thanks to God.

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