Thursday, August 28, 2008


Back from Africa...

I am back from two weeks in Malawi and Mozambique. I will share some of the great spiritual happenings in a later post but let me share some of the personal events which I found "interesting".

... The honored me on a couple of occasions by feeding me a special meal: rice and beef liver. Fortunately I like liver.

... They also made sure at one stop that I got to stay in the very nice guest house -- the one with an indoor shower and bathroom. Of course, there was no running water. But I did appreciate the thought.

... In one of my counseling sessions our conversation was translated from one native tongue into Portuguese into another tribal language into English. Then reversed the process for my answer It was really hard for me to keep my train of thought going.

... I understand watching for snakes when baptizing. I have done that here in the States. The whole watching for crocodiles took some getting used to.

... We did have a wreck in the bus at the border of Mozambique and Malawi. Evidently in Africa it is not unusual to attempt a three (or ten) point turn on the edge of ten foot deep, six foot wide ravine. Very funny feeling going in backwards. Also interesting to watch it being pulled out afterward.

... Those of you that know me know I can have fun anywhere and under any circumstances. I pretty much can laugh at anything. I had one of those priceless moments when visiting with another speaker. While I was doing leadership training for the men, he was asked to speak to a group of women on purity. When visiting about his session afterward, I got to point out to him that his fly was open.

Oh yeah... as I write this, half of my luggage is still missing.

Glad I got to go. Glad I am back. Got back in time to preach HIP at Southern Hills. Looks like we are going to have another good year in our university ministry.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Off to Africa

Leaving tomorrow for Africa. I will be in Malawi for an evangelistic event where I speak five times. Then three days of leadership training for preachers and elders. Then another event in Mozambique.

Back at the end of August.

Thanks in advance for the prayers.

Friday, August 08, 2008


Thoughts about forgiveness...

It is easy to preach, very hard to practice.

I still have moments when I am completely overwhelmed by the love of a God who forgives someone like me.

I occasionally have moments when I have to listen to my heart to hear grace. My head will have a hard time accepting it.

If Satan can't tempt us to sin, he will tempt us to dwell on our past and doubt our forgiveness.

"Seven times seventy" is a great concept to learn about forgiveness. If you don't get this reference, read Matthew 18.

Forgiveness is different than restoration. Forgiveness of sin is also different than consequences for sin.

It is hard to grant forgiveness to those who were judgmental an harsh concerning my sins.

We shouldn't expect God to do something for us that we refuse to do for others.

I don't think forgiveness equates to forgetting. I think forgiveness is a conscious choice we make when we do remember.

The older I get, and the more I spend time with people battling sin, the more I realize that being a living witness for Jesus is not about Christians living "better" than everyone else. It may be how we model grace and forgiveness when we live "worse" than anyone else.

Just my thoughts from spending a lot of time this week helping people accept forgiveness. And helping people, including me, grant forgiveness to those who have been judgmental. And helping people receive what they at one time thought should not be extended to others.

Forgiveness: It's what I want and need. I want to be in the business of helping everyone else to receive it. So I am working to be sure I live what I believe.

Share your thoughts, struggles, insights.

Monday, August 04, 2008


Back from travels...

Well, since my last post I have been in Orlando for the Spiritual Growth Workshop and then to San Diego for a few days with Marsha. Leaving next week for Malawi and Mozambique.

The Orlando workshop was great. Great crowd, interesting speakers and topics.

Just a few observations from the workshop: Juan Monroy's testimony is still one of most amazing things I have ever heard.

Got to hear Charles Hodge and Carl Brecheen. These men may be nearing the end of their ministry here but I was reminded of what a debt we owe many of the "older" generation for their preaching and teaching.

Tim Archer's class on multi-cultural churches reminded me of how critical that subject is going to be in the next few years.

John Risse is a good preacher because he makes you want to live the message, not just hear it.

Randy Harris is a really good thinker and comes out of the text. Not sure I always agree with everything he says, but I like someone who makes me think.

Thanks to all who showed up in my classes. You were passionate, committed, and into the Word.

There are good things going on for the Kingdom in Florida. Very exciting.

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