Thursday, April 30, 2009


Swine Bronchitis?

OK. It is true I am sick. In fact, I didn't preach HIP last nite so you know I must be really sick. I have bronchitis. And I am fairly certain it is not swine flu, tho somehow that might be appropriate. I was in Argentina, not Mexico. I am feeling better tho if I talk more than two minutes I start coughing. I expect to be well and at church Sunday. Looking forward to teaching the Chapel class and being involved in the mission blessing at both services.

However, speaking of Swine Flu... Texas and Alabama are canceling sports events. Evidently there is no vaccine to prevent this strain. CDC has elevated the threat to the second highest level. So will it be an epidemic? Will more people become ill? Will some die? And why am I not worried?

Because as a Christian, I know it will be OK. Really. We can ask God to spare us. He has more power than science and vaccines. If He chooses not to spare us, we have a chance to show the world how Christians face a crisis. And if we die, we go home. Why worry when your future is guaranteed?

I am praying for it not to be an epidemic. But if it is, I am praying for God to empower his people with courage to sieze the opportunity to be salt and light in this world.

so in the meantime, thanks for worrying about me, praying for me, and checking up on me.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


On the road again...

Spent last weekend at the West Broward church of Christ in the Miami area for a weekend youth rally. I really enjoyed it. I know that someday I will have to grow up but I still really enjoy doing youth rallies. Spent time with Brett and Lydia Shannon. Brett is the Youth Minister and doing a great job. Saw lots of excited young people, lots of committed parents and youth leaders, and -- as always -- God was there.

I'll be in Buenos Aires this weekend working on a Herald of Truth project. We are helping the church put together a media blitz to generate contacts through offering a free booklet. Tim Archer, my co-worker put the booklet together. It presents the gospel story and has a couple of pages on what to expect when visiting a church of Christ. We include local contact information as well as links to our Spanish evangelistic site, I am doing a seminar for couples Saturday night and then preaching for one of the local congregations Sunday. Hope they have a translator since Tim will be preaching at one of the other churches that morning.

I will be home about one week then off to the Pepperdine lectureship. After that, I am home for a while. Woohoo.

Thanks for all of you who pray for me on these trips. I appreciate the prayers for safety and for receptive hearts.

I will preach HIP tonite and next week as we wind down the semester. These last few weeks I am sharing the pulpit with Gary Green. I really enjoy that. Just like Tim, Gary is good friend who is passionate about sharing his faith with a lost world. I am blessed to get to do ministry with guys like that.

Boy is God good.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Too embarressed to evangelize...

We live in a culture that prizes inclusiveness above almost anything else. Everyone is free to believe what is true for them. And no one wants to be judgmental or exclusive. So what is a Christian to do? How can you be evangelistic? If we are all right, or there are many paths to heaven... then there is no need to evangelize.

I am convinced Christianity is -- and always has been -- counter cultural. I believe it is time for us to quit worrying about whether we offend anyone, or whether our world will think poorly of us. I know that in times past we may have come across as arrogant and judgmental. I don't believe that is our greatest danger today. Our danger today is that we will not stop being embarrassed about the commission to make disciples.

So here is what I believe, without embarrassment or apology.

God created this world. He made us. He loves us. He wants a relationship with us. He is a holy and perfect God.

Our world is messed up. And so are all of us. We are not holy.

God sent his son Jesus to make us holy by paying the price for our imperfections. He did that by dying on the cross.

I submit to him in faith by being crucified with him in baptism.

I live in community with other believers and participate regularly in the death of Jesus by sharing a meal of flat bread and wine with other believers. We will do this till he comes again.

Some will be bothered that I think Jesus is the only way to God. But he is.

Some do not like the implication that people are sinners, or are lost, or are wrong. But they are.

Some will get nervous about baptism. They will see it as narrow, or divisive, or denominational. But that has been the response to Jesus since the time of John the baptizer. There is a hesitation to tell some one there is a clear way to respond to Jesus. But there is.

And of course some are offended by the belief that we ought to worship together regularly. But we should.

No one responds to an unclear message. They may not respond to a clear one, but at least they will know the message.

I am not sure if this is a popular position even in our churches. But I believe it is what God wants me to share with this world. And it is Him I want to please.

So I will. Without shame or embarrassment. With courage, boldness, and love. But share it I will. Until God calls me home.

Feel free to share your thoughts and reactions.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


The greatest month in sports

April is the greatest month to be a sports fan.

Final four (as an Arkansas fan I am sure next year will be better)

Baseball season opens (Go Rangers, 1-0)

NBA basketball play-offs (not expecting much from the Mavs)

NFL Draft (not much hope for Cowboys. Gave up our first pick for Roy Williams. Yikes.

Masters. The one Golf tournament to watch.

And a good month to go fishing.

I love ESPN.

Thursday, April 02, 2009


Cuba evangelism...

Let me share some thoughts concerning the church culture in Cuba that makes them so evangelistic. And let me say again I do not think it is because they love the Lord more or are more committed. But they do have a mindset that we need.

Evangelism is not about worship. We seem to always be trying to find the right worship style to appeal to non-believers. They do not expect their assemblies to be for non-believers.

They have very few full-time staff and they are evangelists...not ministers. Most of our full-time workers are professionals primarily engaged in ministry to the body of believers. I wonder what would happen if most of our staff were evangelists? How about if we didn't worry so much about the training and professionalism and just hired some people to spend their time talking about Jesus to non-believers?

Of course, that would mean the members have to do most of the ministry -- the taking care of each other. And they do.

Buildings and budgets are not the key to evangelism. Most of our Cuba congregations meet in houses. Most don't have a budget. Our answer to most issues, including evangelism, is build and budget. We spend the overwhelming majority of our contribution on ourselves.

Everyone buys in. You preach or teach, you invite neighbors and friends, you pray, you covenant to walk alongside new converts, you give what you are able, your vehicle and homes are to be used for the spread of the Kingdom. It is expected. No one does everything, but everyone does something.

People driven, not program driven.

Some of us get it, others are starting to get it, some are not.

So what are some of your thoughts about what they do? Intrigued? Fired up? Defensive?

Would any of that work here?

I think it would. I've seen it.

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