Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Maybe it's me...

I had another one of those conversations today. You know how they go... you are perfectly clear and they just don't get it. Why is communication so difficult? It is so clear to me, but evidently not so clear to others. Do they not hear me? Do I not communicate as well as I think I do? Maybe I do think everyone can read my mind.

It even happens sometimes when I preach. I know exactly the point that God and the Holy Spirit had me make. And then someone tells me how much they appreciate the main point of my lesson--and it's something I don't even remember talking about. Maybe I need a translator here and not just when I preach overseas.

I probably do that with God. I really have trouble telling Him what I need Him to hear. Sometimes it is because I am so happy, and sometimes because I am so sad. Sometimes my grief, anger, or joy is so great that I really am incoherent.

And with God I do have a translator... the Holy Spirit. Even when I don't know how to pray, the Holy Spirit helps me. Read Romans 8: 26 and 27. But I do know how to say this: Thanks God.

Monday, February 27, 2006


I survived Lectureship...

ACU Lectureship is always fascinating. For an organization like Herald of Truth, it is an opportunity for networking, visiting, exploring partnership opportunities, and letting people know what is going on in our ministry. It is exciting, emotional, exhausting, and entertaining all at once. And once it is all over, and I have a little time to reflect, I am struck by how much I gained from it.

I am continually encouraged by the people I get to meet, visit with, pray with, and get to know. I spent a week connecting with people that love the Lord, love the lost, and love each other. We won't always agree on everything, but I remain convinced that God is doing a great work in his world at this time. I see it in many ministries, but mostly I see it in the lives of people that God is touching.

People are sharing the gospel of Jesus not just in all parts of the world, but in their neighborhoods. People are spending time in the Word, and developing their prayer life. I hear less talk of ministry, but more talk of calling. I hear less about numbers, and more about people.

So thanks to everyone who touched my life this past week. Won't it be exciting to see what doors God opens next?

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Why don't I just believe...

I have just finished reading in Mark where Jesus talks about the power of prayer. He says to believe we have recieved our requests. I think I am afraid of that passage. All that talk of the power to move mountains into the sea frightens me. All I have to do is ask without doubting. It has taken me a long time to learn to ask, now I have to work on the not doubting. So my question is...why don't I just believe?

Maybe I just don't get it. Am I looking for the hidden hook? Do I somehow think there has to be more to it than just asking in faith?

Perhaps I still think it is tied to my merits. Maybe I am really not good enough for God to just give me what I ask.

Do I think I am asking for the wrong things? Am I being too selfish?

I have learned to ask for healing and I am finally doing it without question. And God has answered my prayers.

I want to ask in other areas without doubting. I want to learn to ask for resourses, both personally and for ministry. Herald of Truth and Southern Hills have great things to do. God will give resources. I have things to do for the Master. God will provide.

I want to ask bold things. I want not to tinge my requests with doubts. I want to pray as if I have already recieved. And God wants me too.

Dream your kingdom dreams and ask God to give you what you need. He will. He said so.

Let's rock this world by the power of Jesus.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Back from Malawi...

I am back from my trip to Malawi in East Africa. I was there as part of the Herald of Truth Bible distribution in the schools. As always, there were things that really brought me up short and made me think.

Malawi wants Bibles in the school system and they study them. We raise money in the United States to fund this program, but we can't study the Bible in our own school systems.

For many of these students, they get not just their first Bible, but often their first book of any kind.

I don't care how many times I see them, I cannot get used to mice on a stick. They sell them on the side of the road, and people buy them to eat.

I saw a goat strapped down on a bicycle in preparation for slaughtering. It made me think about Jesus being led to the slaughter for me.

Students wrote their names in their new Bibles at once. Teachers told me that they did that so they would know their Bible and no one could take it away.

I visited the Malawi Project, and was energized by their approach to making a difference in Malawi. Check out their website at www.malawiproject.org. They are just another of the many partners Herald of Truth is fortunate to get to work with.

And finally, I don't care what you do, or how hard you try, there is no easy way to get to East Africa.

But thanks to God for letting me go.

Thursday, February 02, 2006


Restoring broken marriages...

I have a real passion to help those caught in the grip of sin. I want Satan defeated, I want sin killed, and I want marriages healed. I happen to spend much of my time with those who have "blown up" their marriage and I know how much courage, effort, and faith it takes to defeat the demons driving lives the wrong direction. But today I want to say a word about those who extend grace, forgiveness, and restoration to penitent sinners. In particular, I lift up the mates who do this for struggling spouses.

Some have endured repeated hurts and pain. Others, one time sins. Just as the spouse caught in sin is called to repentance, their spouse is called to forgiveness. And in its own way, it takes even more courage, effort, and faith to rebuild relationships when you have been hurt so badly.

It breaks my heart to see someone destroy their marriage by their sin, and it breaks my heart to see someone who will not let their marriage be rebuilt. I know it is not fair, but don't play the fairness card with Jesus. It will not work. God will never call you to do something He will not equip you to do. Nor will He call you to do something He has not done Himself.

We salute the sinner who comes home... and we should. But today I want to salute the husbands and wives who recieve them home. God bless you for modeling Jesus in a cynical and sinful world.

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