Friday, January 29, 2010


I Cried Today...

Some of you know that I am a crybaby, but I have got to share this with you. Right before the holidays I baptized Brittney, a college student. I do my evangelism by sharing stories -- stories from Scripture, from my life, from others. She was so excited to hear many of the Bible stories for the first time.

She is one of my Facebook friends and just a few minutes ago she posted her status. It was about reading the story of the plagues in Exodus last night. "Awesome stories".

So here is why I cried. She is so excited to read the great things God has done. Some of us who have been Christians for a while sometimes lose that excitement. And I cried because there are so many more out there who would be amazed at God stories if we would just tell them.

And I cried for joy because I am so happy for Brittney. She has only begun the journey and God will continue to amaze her for years to come.

He still amazes me. So thanks Brittney for reminding me that God is awesome. Always has been. Always will be.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Another awesome testimony...

Lots of you have commented on the testimonials Herald of Truth has produced.

This is the story of John Todd.

John Todd's hope for life.


Friday, January 22, 2010


Christian politics and mission...

Let me say right up front that I will always vote against legalizing same sex marriage. I will always vote "right to life". I will do that because of my convictions about sin. I believe homosexuality and abortion to be sins. However, I am increasingly perplexed by those who see passing legislation that reflects a Christian viewpoint as fulfilling our mission as God's people.

It is possible I am missing something but I don't think God called me from darkness into light to pass legislation. He called me to reach people. I hear Christians call for money, time, and energy to be invested in legislation. What about the ministry that goes undone because we are focusing on political goals?

What if that time, money, and energy was spent in touching lives? Why are not committing to adoption, counseling, and meaningful help and hope for those who do not see an option other than abortion? How about making friends with those advocating -- or living -- a homosexual lifestyle instead of seeing them of objects of legislation or as the "enemy"?

If we invested our time in making disciples in this world, we would really make a difference concerning homosexuality and abortion. And greed and adultery. And racism and hatred.

And I don't buy the argument that we must help America return to being a Christian nation. That argument is contrary to Scripture. America has never been, is not now, nor will it ever be, a Christian nation. No nation will.

Making a Christian lifestyle legal is fine and good. But that doesn't change lives. It doesn't bring people to Jesus.

But it is easier to legislate than get in people's lives. It is easier to fight a faceless evil than actually engage in someone's life. But what are we truly called to do?

Just my thoughts. Feel free to disagree. Or agree. Comment.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Trina's story

What would she have done without Jesus? Trina is a close friend of ours and we lived thru this with her. Powerful testimony about holding on to the faithful God in the darkest of times.

It is from the Herald of Truth evangelistic website and you can view it here

You know stories like these I have been sharing. Share them.

You have a story too. You may think it is not that dramatic ... but let God use your story too.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Who Are We...

Identity is important to Christians individually and corporately. Who are we? We often answer that by focusing on who we think we are. Or on who others think we are. This identity, by ourselves or by others, is often tied to doctrines, buildings, or programs. Sometimes our identity is formed by what we are for -- or what we are against. Sometimes our identity even gets wrapped up in personality cults: famous preachers or athletes. Sometimes our identity gets mingled with nationalistic identities.

Our reputations are another source of our identity... even if the reputation is not accurate. And we tend to react to our perceived reputation by doing anything possible to be seen in a positive light.

But wouldn't it be refreshing to find our identity by God's view of us. Rather than focus on how we view ourselves, or how others view us, focus on how God sees us. God tells us our identity in I Peter 2: chosen people, royal priesthood, holy nation, people belonging to God, those called from darkness into light, the people of God, and those who have received mercy.

It's people. It's community. It's what God has done. Our identity is not in reputations, doctrines, programs, buildings, or appearances.

So let's live up to who God says we are. By His grace. By His Son's love. By His Spirit's power.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Joe Almanza's testimony...

Here is another great testimony from the Herald of Truth evangelistic website, It is the conversion story of Joe Almanza, who is now ministering in inner city Abilene for the Highland church of Christ.


Friday, January 08, 2010


Jake's turning four...

My grandson, Jake Gilbreth, is turning four Saturday. I could do lots of the cute grandkid stuff (even about all four of them), but I want to tell you what I like about Jake.

I like it that his favorite thing to do is fish with Pops.

I like it that he loves dogs, not cats.

I like it that he likes to sing church songs.

I like it that he identifies Southern Hills as "his church".

I like it that he is so protective of his little sister.

I like that he loves his cousins, Anna and Andrew.

I like it that he holds "sissy's" hand when they go down front for the kid's offering.

I like it that at Christmas dinner he led the family prayer. Baby Jesus, Mommy, Sissy, Anna, Andrew, and Mimi got special mention.

I like it that he already talks about God and Jesus. Lots.

So what do I want to see in the next few years? The same thing you want for you kids and grandkids: I just want him to keep knowing Jesus more and more. Everything else will take care of itself.

In fact, I think that's what I want for me too.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Sharing the Story seminars...

My overwhelming passion is to reach lost people for Jesus. It is one reason I came to work at Herald of Truth. Over time I have become more and more convinced that the most effective way to share the good news of Jesus is by telling stories. I tell my stories, I tell stories from the Old Testament, I tell stories from the life of Jesus, and from the book of Acts. I tell other people's story. Jesus told stories. Even most of my preaching is telling stories.

Stories are personal, relational, and communal. They are easy to tell. They are non-threatening, but speak to where people live. They work.

So I have developed a seminar on how to share the story of Jesus by telling stories. I am scheduling some thru HoT because churches continue to ask for help in learning how to reach people. And I am scheduling some personally.

There seems to be a renewed interest among the everyday Christian to share their story with friends and family. I love this because we will not reach the world thru professional preachers. It will be because each of us shares our faith with people we connect with.

I really believe the harvest is coming.

If you want info about the seminar... let me hear from you.

Oh... and tell me you story sometime. I would love to hear it.

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