Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I hate Satan

I really believe Satan gets active against God's people when he gets scared. And he gets scared when God's people are on the attack. So of course he fights back. Good things are happening at Southern Hills and Satan has turned up the heat. Just among our elders and staff, we have two who lost jobs, two who had major health issues, two who had spouses in the hospital, and two with major health issues among their children.

Doesn't he know that he can't win? I guess he is just hoping to win a few battles. So he attacks our faith, he tempts us to sin, he attacks our families, and chips away at our self confidence. I resolve to be strong, to pray for God's people to be strong, and to battle Satan for every soul. It is a war, and God is calling us to battle.

How are things in your life? If Satan is piling on, rest assured it is because he is afraid of what God is doing through you. Be courageous, be strong, and remember...we win.

Wow! I had not even read this post when I asked you tonight at HIP to pray that Satan would stay out of my thoughts and not cause me to fear as we approach our upcoming dr's appointment! You have hit the nail on the head though! Through it all I have given God the glory, and Satan is mad...but as far as I am concerned, he can stay that way because we WIN!!

Thanks for your continued prayers, love, and support! At the sonogram yesterday, I could see two little eyes, and the nose and mouth on my precious little one's face! A most beautiful sight even though sonograms are a little fuzzy! I cannot wait to kiss that sweet face in April 2006!

We Will WIN!!
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