Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Great Christmas Memories

I think about them every year...my best Christmas memories. And I bet my list is much like yours: people, relationships, time spent together. It really is amazing how few material things ever make the list. I remember Julie's first Christmas. The paper and boxes were lots more fun that the presents. And I remember the year Joe Don gave me a gift certificate for 10 free wrestles.

I remember being with people I love, and that loved me. I remember Christmases where lots was bought, and those where not much could be bought. I still get excited when everyone is coming home for Christmas. I think about the fun of watching each other open presents, not what the presents were. I think of meals together, and of praying in the family circle. And I remember movies, and hunting, and games.

So every Christmas gets better and better. And I think that is probably because Jesus is the underlying key to everything that matters to me at Christmas- not because of when he was born, but why he was born.

So I do mean Merry Christmas. Or Happy Holidays- after all, holiday is a version of holy day.

So enjoy the things that matter this season. I will.

Tengo un blog en español que toca algunos temas similares, y a mí también me gustan los Stones
Merry Christmas Steve! How is Julie feeling?
I hope you have a very Merry Christmas! And just think, next Christmas, Jake and Levi will be enjoying all of the boxes and tissue paper, just like Julie and I did when we were little!

Thanks. I need to update everyone soon.

Julie and Jake are well so far, but they want to do a C-section because of all the trauma. It is scheduled for January 9 unless something happens quicker.

How are you?
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