Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Virginia Tech Tragedy...

Along with everyone else I have spent the last couple of days in prayer and concern over the tragic shooting at Virginia Tech University. Several thoughts come to mind as I have reflected on this horrific event.

Evil is real in this world. Satan is alive. Tragic and horrible things will happen in this world.

The consequences of sin are sometimes random and unfair. You know that one of the burning questions being asked is "why not me". Any of us, at any time, could have our life taken from this earth by an act of violence.

This life is not forever, and it sometimes ends when least expected.

As a Christian, am I prepared to minister in the face of tragedy? Am I prepared to give an answer for the hope I have?

Am I ready to die? Have I really bought in to the belief that this world is not my home? Am I prepared for this to happen to people I love.

These are some of my thoughts and reflections. What about yours?

If, as a result of evil, I'm going down in the midst of gunfire I'll do so pulling the trigger of my .45- repeatedly, until I hear an audible "click" indicating a hammer coming in contact with an empty breach.

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