Thursday, October 30, 2008


Election thoughts...

I am hearing a lot in our churches about our responsibility to vote and how important this election is. I do not think it is a Christian responsibility to vote. We are citizens of the kingdom of God.

People who last year were adamant that right wing evangelicals could not link Christianity to a certain political position (Republican), are now adamant that Christians must vote for the candidate of social justice and racial equality (even tho he a strong proponent of abortion rights). Isn't that hypocritical? Christians either can or cannot espouse a political position, but that position cannot change based on whether it is your candidate or not.

I am not sure voting "Christian" principles to "bring our nation back to God" is right. I do not see anything resembling this position in Scripture. If anything, Scripture would be opposed to that position. We are called to bring people back to God as part of kingdom that transcends earthly borders. We are not called to bring nations back to God.

We have never been a Christian nation. I do not think there has ever been a Christian nation. It is impossible. Unless you want to argue that Constantine created a Christian nation. And I think he did not.

If our nation elects a leader that takes us further from Christian standards and ideals, that may actually benefit the church. We have always grown under persecution. We are by nature counter cultural. We do not fit in this world. The kingdom of God grows rapidly in times of economic duress, natural disasters, and political persecution.

By the way, I did vote early. Not because it was my Christian duty, and not because of spiritual reasons. I voted for the candidates who I think would benefit this nation. But it was not a high priority, nor was it anywhere near the most important thing I did that day.

By the way, I wanted to find the candidate and/or party clearly endorsed by Jesus. There isn't one. So I am not sure any of us should bring up politics at church. I don't think they go together at all.

So here's who I voted for: Oh never mind. I've got more important things to do than talk about that.

Thanks for making me think about this election the way I should have been from the beginning.
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