Monday, October 06, 2008


It was a great weekend

Some weekends are just good.

Friday morning I went fishing with Todd Hooper. He is one of my best elder pals. He is always good for my spirit and actually helps make shepherding fun.

Then Friday night we met Gary and Debbie Cox. They are two of our oldest (or maybe I should say longest tenured) and best friends. We go back to ACU days and we had our kids together. It was a good time to catch up and connect.

Spent Friday night and Saturday morning with my folks and then they came over to Mesquite Sunday to hear me preach. I just was reminded how blessed I have been to have my folks. They have loved us, been supportive, and always encouraging.

Then Saturday afternoon and night we spent with Joe Don, Jamie, and the kids. I always am humbled and touched by the maturity and spiritual growth of my kids. Anna was great. She even let me watch Beauty and the Beast with her. And Andrew is a hoot. Laughs all the time and never seems to get too upset.

Then Sunday I preached at the Mesquite church of Christ as part of their mission emphasis month. Got to visit with Steve and Keitha Bailey. We have been preaching buds for over thirty years. Marsha and Keitha still look pretty much the same. The two Steves have really gotten old.

And the common thread to a great weekend was Jesus. Every one of these great blessings came about because of the goodness of God and the commitment of family and friends to follow him.

Nothing beats the ties we have because of Jesus. Thanks God.

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