Thursday, October 23, 2008


So what does a vision mean?

So I want to be part of a church whose vision is all about evangelism, growing disciples, and equipping each other to accomplish those tasks. So what does that mean in real terms? After all, it is easy to cast a vision, develop a slogan, and talk a good game. But how does it translate to reality?

I would evaluate every program to see if it directly related to one of these tasks. If not, change it or eliminate it. I realize that may eliminate some worthy projects. But every church cannot do everything. For example, we at Southern Hills often host Jesus Parties for a group of mentally challenged adults in our community. It is a wonderful program. Is it evangelistic? Does it develop disciples? Does it equip anyone to do those things? If not, do we need to continue it? Is it a good thing to do? Yes. Is it a fine Christian activity? Yes. But is it true to the vision I would have for a church?

We have had great publicity with our WATS day (we are the sermon) where we go and do service for people in our community. What a great evangelistic tool. Serve people in order to open doors for the good news of Jesus. But is that what we do? I would ask that question. What about youth programs? Are they designed to be evangelistic, grow disciples, and equip young people? If not, why are we doing them?

Well, I am not sure I have all the answers. I do know that sometimes we are overloaded and burdened with programs and projects. Let's just be sure we have a reason for them. Remember, this is just one guy's vision. Just thinking out loud.

Feel free to share your insight.

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