Friday, February 17, 2012


Leading our children to Jesus

So what is the role of parents in leading their children to Jesus.?

First, acknowledge that it is your responsibility. Do not put that responsibility off on the church, the youth minister, or anyone else. It is the parent's responsibility to lead their children to Jesus. And it is the most important job you have as a parent.

Be an example. Your children should see Jesus in you. You don't have to be perfect. After all, your children are going to have to learn how to handle sin, repentance, confession, forgiveness, and restoration. But in your home, remember that Jesus is better caught than just taught. Your life will always speak louder than your words. And remember that it is impossible to lead your children to somewhere that you are not.

Pray lots. Pray over your kids. Pray with your kids. Pray for your kids. Pray together for your kids.

Use a Bible. Do your kids see you preparing to teach Bible class? Do you tell Bible stories? Do you memorize verses together? Is the Bible part of your home life or part of your home decor?

Get them around Christian role models. Grandparents are great for this. Ministers are good. Hang out with Christian friends. It really helps to have them around older kids who model Jesus.

Talk Jesus. Tell Jesus stories. Tell your family faith stories. Talk about the great things God is doing in your faith community.

Serve others. Let your kids visit the sick or hospital with you. Let them help you do yard work for older Christians.

Give. And teach them to give. And why we give.

Witness and testify to others. Let you kids hear you sharing your faith with others. Let them know why you are having the neighbors over and why other people are sitting with you at church. Encourage them to invite their friends -- like you do.

See lots of baptisms. Explain them at church. Get invited to some after-hour baptisms and take your kids. Let them hear, witness, and ask aobut what is happening.

Be intentional. Plan. Strategize. Be wise.

Make it so being a Christian is natural and expected. And as their faith grows, they will come to the point where they want to make their faith personal. And you will have the incredible honor to watch your children take their most significant step toward adulthood when they die with Christ and are raised to a new life. A life they have choosen. Community and family not just by birth, but by the new birth.

As a parent, your greatest joy will be to know your kids choose Jesus. If they do, no matter how bad this life gets for them, it will still be good. And your greatest heartbreak will be if they do not choose Jesus. And if they do not, no matter how good this life gets for them, it will still be bad.

Children are a gift from God. Let's give them back. So we can keep them forever. And forever.

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