Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Valentine is sure different now...

OK, it's not what you think, but... Valentine's Day is different at 60 than it was at 20. Still the same girl. Then we were dating and starting to wonder about marriage. Now we have been married for 38 years. I am not sure I remember what Marsha gave me for Valentine's then, but I am going to guess it was a neat card and homemade cookies. I think we probably went out, but it was somewhere cheap because I sure didn't have any money those days.

But here are the Valentine's day gifts I am thankful for today.

She met me for lunch today and listened to me talk about the last week I spent with Christians in Nicaragua.

She spent the afternoon learning about Alzheimer's so she help my Mom take care of my Dad.

She raised two awesome kids who are happily married and who enjoy being with their Valentines today -- their spouses and those 5 precious grandkids.

She's cooking tonight. Venison. Nice.

I'm still her Valentine and she still loves me. She doesn't have to. She chooses to.

And I still look at her and my heart skips a beat and if not careful I get tears in my eyes.

She's a stayer. Lots of people these days aren't. She is.

I don't really remember much about Valentine's day 1972, but I doubt I could have ever envisioned how life would go over the next 40 years. But I think even then, I already knew it would be better if I could just hang on to Marsha.

Second best choice I ever made. Only Jesus beats her out. But it's kinda neat that one reason I still have him is that I hung on to her.

Still love you Mimi. It gets better every day.

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