Thursday, April 20, 2017


How to destroy your credibility as a Bible teacher...

The worst thing that can happen to a preacher, Bible class teacher, or Christian parent is to lose your credibility.  And even worse is if you claim to teach from the Bible but no one believes you.  Even when you try to just open your Bible, or to speak directly from Scripture, you are not heard.

Here are a few ways you can destroy your credibility as a Bible teacher.

Act as though you do exactly as you teach.  No you don't.  You know it and we know it.  If you are lying about your life, what else are you lying about.

Live differently than you teach.  Of course you are not perfect.  But we need to know you are trying to live up to your teaching.  You repent, you do the work, you bring your life into harmony with your words.

You teach that the Bible means what it does not say.    

You teach that the Bible does not mean what it does say.

Which leads us to think you believe that we cannot understand what Scripture means so we will just have to trust you to tell us. It is as if you do not even want anyone to read or think for themselves.


Do your best to live what you teach.

Do your best to be honest about what God's word does -- and does not -- say.


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