Tuesday, April 11, 2017


So my wife had a birthday last week...

Marsha is 64.  Doesn't act it.  Doesn't look it.  And here are just a few reasons I love her and am proud she is mine.

She lives her faith.  She is a genuinely good person.  Tries to treat people like Jesus would.  She opens our home and our pocketbook to help people.  She prays lots.  But most of all she acts.  Faith is a verb for her and not just a noun.

Loves her family.  Intensely proud of her kids and grandkids. She is an amazing daughter.  I watched her with her Mom when Granny was dying.  It was holy.  Watching her with her Dad now.  Amazing.  And she helps my Mom.  She pours her time and energy into helping her folks and into Julie and her kids.  Loves Joe Don, Jamie, and their bunch.  Makes time to go see them.  Takes grandkid baskets for every holiday.  Every holiday.

Makes everyone feel special.  Our family.  Our friends.

Great elder's wife.  She cries with, hugs on, and helps a lot of hurting people.

Let's me do my thing in ministry.  I am gone preaching a lot.  She keeps everything going while I am gone and keeps me centered.

She cares about the marginal and disenfranchised.  I don't mean just talks about them, but actually does for them.  As a friend would.

She is a world changer.  Keeping believers connected to Jesus.  Helping bring others to know him.

Busy all the time.  For others.  Doesn't spend time on herself.

So I celebrate her 64 years in this life and her eternity in the life to come.

God thanks for Mimi.  She is your child, an amazing daughter, wife, Mom, and Mimi.  She is a real friend.  Bless her with continued energy and health.  She learned from you how to pour love into others.  So thanks for what you have done -- and will do -- thru her.

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