Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Three tests for every elder...

Being an elder is not always easy.  You make decisions that deeply and personally affect your community of faith.  I believe as an elder I am accountable for the spiritual welfare of my flock.  I have to deliver them safely home.  There are times when truth must be spoken into the lives of people who do not want to hear it.  There are times when you will not be popular and not be liked.  I have been yelled at, cussed out, and threatened as an elder.  And there are times when you will have to make policy decisions about core beliefs, or worship, or personnel.  Any of those decisions will not always please everyone in you church.  You wrestle with Scripture, you call on a long history of spiritual experiences, and you partner with other elders in leading your flock.  

And sometimes you will wonder if you are right.  You will have to urge to quit.

So how do you know you are doing the right thing?  How do you know what to do?

For me personally, I have found there to be three things that help me focus and decide things.  These tests have gotten me through difficult times with individual sheep and with my community of faith.  These are the reminders that help keep me going.  These are even the tests that I believe will help me know when it is time to quit.

And these are the only things that really matter to me when evaluating my shepherding.

I have to look myself in the mirror.

I have to look my wife in the eyes.

And someday, I will have to see my God face to face.

That's it for me.  My three elder tests for any action I take.

Can I look at myself in the mirror, can I look Marsha in the eyes, and can I look my God in the face?

My ultimate elder tests.

Simple, but to the point. Thanks.
Judging yourself does allow for extreme bias and justification for behaviour choices you make. I understand looking at myself and asking is my decision Godly.
I know you are sad and happy for Epie she was a beautiful Christian sole. We just returned from Winnsboro this evening - so different than when we were all there.
Peace and love always to you and Marsha.

Meant to say Lou not Eppie. Tired from the drive back from Winnsboro- we are buying a second home there.
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