Thursday, May 18, 2017


Celebrating 44 years of life together

I asked.  She said yes.

And tomorrow we celebrate 44 years of doing life together.

Here are just a few reasons I would choose Marsha all over again.

She loves God.  It's not so much that she talks about Jesus.  It's more that she does Jesus.  She is a really good person.  She loves others.  Thinks of others.  Serves others.  Puts others before herself.

We have buried both her folks this year.  I watched her care for her folks.  It was holy.

She has a heart for the marginalized and those that need help.  Food, advice, rides, money.  I have seen her give it all.  But she is drawn to those in need.

She has a heart for those who do not know Jesus.  She has them in our home.  Spends time praying for them.  Shares stories with them.  Invites them.

Loves her family.  Great Mom.  Sensational Mimi.  Her kids and grands really do love her.  Because she loves them.

She loves me.  She could have done better.  But she chose me.  She lets me go almost every weekend to tell people about Jesus.  Takes care of me in more ways than I even realize.

We make a good team.  Come see me to hear about Jesus.  Come see her to see what Jesus looks like in real life.

She still makes my heart skip a beat when she walks into the room.

I am blessed.

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