Monday, May 15, 2017


My father-in-law, Don Herttenberger, is home forever

My father-in-law, Don Herttenberger, is home with God and Granny.  My son and I will do his funeral Wednesday morning at Southern Hills.

But I wanted to share a few reasons why I love him so much.

My Dad had Alzheimers for several years before he went home and Don became my dad.  Treated me like his own son.  

He gave me Marsha.  But more than that, he modeled what it means to be a faithful and loving husband.  He took care of his wife for 71 years.  Right till she went home about seven months ago.  After that, he was ready to go.  He had done what he promised to do.  Took care of Granny.  Raised three faithful children.  Took care of his extended family also.  

He was a farmer.  I learned a lot about ministry from the farm.  Getting ground ready, planting, watering, and praying for God to give the increase.  He prayed over his crops.  He trusted God when they were abundant and when they did not make.  There were a couple of years when it was just me and him going up there.  Talked a lot about farming, family, and faith.  

And I sure learned a lot about following Jesus from Grandpa.    He was a world class hospital visitor and greeter at Southern Hills.  Read his Bible.  Prayed.  Took literally thousands of meals to people.  

He was my elder sounding board.  I asked his opinion about a lot of shepherding issues.  And I always got good advice.

His favorite saying:  "It'll all be alright."

And it is.  He is with Granny and God.  His legacy of faith is rich and continues right thru his great-grandchildren.  

I was blessed to marry Marsha.  Getting her folks made it the deal of a lifetime.  And then forever.

You did good Grandpa.  See you soon.

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