Tuesday, June 27, 2017


On All-Star, Travel, and Select Baseball teams

It is the season in West Texas for Little League All-Star competition.  Then comes Travel ball, while the select teams play year round.

And I always wonder about what it all means.  So here are a few thoughts on our kids and advanced ball.

Full disclosure:  One grandson plays select ball in the Metroplex and another plays on one of the Wylie all-star teams.

The selection process is not fair, has never been fair, and never will be fair.  There are always boys left off who are better than some that made it.  And there are always some on the bench who should be playing more.  Life is not fair.  Get used to it.

Involved Dads give their sons an unfair advantage.  Correct.  Maybe that is a fair reward for the time they put in.  Maybe it gives their son the break he needs.  Or maybe it hurts his son because everyone knows how he made the team.  Nepotism.  Get used to it.  Wait till you get in the business world. Of course, it is also possible those Dads are involved because their sons are really good athletes.

Yes, some get way too serious and intense.  These are boys that are not even teenagers yet.  I see a lot of players that are really bad sports.  I also see where they learned it.  I also have seen some of the greatest acts of sportsmanship ever.  And I saw where they learned that too.

The odds of any of these boys playing professionally is slim to none.  Most will not ever play in college, and certainly few of them on scholarship.  A surprising number will not even play in High School.  On the other hand, Wylie High School just won a State Championship with a bunch of guys that played Wylie Little League together.  And an amazing number of Big League ballplayers started in Little League so who knows.

Some boys will burn out and quit baseball.  Some will pick another sport.  Some have reached the peak of their athletic ability.  Some will get hurt.

And some little guys will eventually grow.  And some big kids will have their coordination catch up with their size.

Some of these boys are really smart.  Some are not.  Some have great people skills.  Some do not.  Some are really good people.  Some are not.  Just like anything else in life.

So I think you learn a lot about life watching these teams.  Do what is best for your child.  Be smart about how much you let them play and about how much you spend.  And life is a whole lot bigger than baseball.

Just a few thoughts on baseball and kids.

Gotta post this and leave.  One of my grandsons plays tonight.

Go Wylie.

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