Friday, June 16, 2017


What to say to your Dad this Father's Day

It is a wonderful, horrible, happy/sad day this Sunday.

It's Father's Day.  And the old preacher tale may be true.  On Mother's Day praise our Moms.  On Father's Day, yell at the Dads to do better.

But here is why it is a difficult day.  Many of us had wonderful Dads, some had Dads who tried but just did not do well.  And some of you know the pain of having a bad father.

And this day is hard for those who have lost their Dad to death.  It is hard for single Dads who are overwhelmed with raising kids by themselves.  And hard for single Moms who are doing their best to be Mom and Dad.

And there are lots of men out there being "dad" to other kids.  Grandfathers, coaches, neighbors, uncles, church leaders, and on and on.  And step-dads who are choosing to be a Dad to their wife's kids.

So here are a few things to say to your Dad this weekend.

Thanks.  For putting up with me.  For being patient with me.  For teaching me.  For being there.

I love you.  Dad's have self-esteem issues too.  Most feel like they are not -- or did not -- do the whole dad thing as well as they could have.

I forgive you.  You did your best and I am OK.  Or, I forgive you anyway.

And here is a last piece of good news for all the Dads out there doing their best and wondering if they are doing anything right.

You are.

So here a few quick things to remember that will help you get it right.

Love Jesus.  Love their Mom.  Laugh lots with them (but never at them).  Pray hard -- for them and with them.  Be there.  Listen.  Love.

And one day you will look up and realize you raised some great kids who love Jesus.  And that is the best gift of all.

So thanks to my dads now in heaven.  My dad and my dad I got when I married Marsha.

And thanks to my son Joe Don.  You are doing a great job with yours.

And thanks to Julie and JD.  You make me proud every day.

I am blessed.

So thanks above all to the one true Father who gave his son so I be his son too.

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