Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Avery Grace is 10 today...

My Granddaughter, Avery Gilbreth, is 10 today.  Here are just some of the reasons I love her and am so proud of her.

She loves her family.  Her Mommy and her Mimi are her best friends.  She loves her Bubba Jake.  Loves her cousins.  Her family really are her people.

Fun happens when the Ave is around.  Laughter, joy, good times.  She wakes up happy and stays that way.

She is amazing with the younger girls that follow her around at the ballpark.  She has a little posse of girls that hang with her.  They play slime, she talks to them, she has time for them.  She's their friend and is a great role model.

She loves animals.  Her heart is tender and she wants to adopt -- and sometimes does adopt -- every stray animal she sees.

Great athlete.  Gymnastics is her sport.  State champion.  Fearless, hard working, fierce, and loves to compete.

She loves to help.  Helped me put in the garden this year.  Helped Mimi do the VBS teeshirts.

Does not speak bad about people.  Even when they are not kind or good.

Is friends with everyone.  Money and popularity do not matter to her.  People do.

But most of all, she loves God and Jesus.  I do not know what the future will be for Avery, but I do know it will involve great things for the Kingdom.

I love you Avery Grace.

So thanks God for Ave.  Keep molding her into a disciple of your Son.  Protect her from evil and do amazing Kingdom things thru her.  

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