Tuesday, July 11, 2017


God did an amazing thing 17 years ago...

It actually occurred on July 1 but this is the first chance I have had to write about it, so congratulations to my son Joe Don and his wife Jamie.  They just celebrated 17 years together.  And it is a God thing.  Here are just a few of the reasons I love them and are proud of them.

They are still in love with each other.  You can see it and know it if you spend any time with them.  They work to make time for their relationship.  They have fun together.

God is absolutely and without a doubt the center of their home.  They read Scripture, they pray, they give generously, they open their home.  They are deeply involved in their church.

They are raising three amazing kids (yes I know they are my grands and if you want to know why they are amazing, check out my blog on their birthdays).  They both work hard at parenting.  They support each other.  They do family mission trips.

They are better together than they would be apart.  They give God the glory for what happens in their life.  They can discuss, disagree, hold each other accountable, and do it in the context of love and submission.

Joe Don is a leader and Jamie is his partner.  And they both put God first.  And they both put the kids third -- after God and each other.

They are doing some great Kingdom work.  People are going to be in heaven because of what they have -- and are -- doing.  This world is better because God put them together.

I am so proud of them and love them so much.

Thanks God for connecting Joe Don and Jamie.  You get the credit and the glory for what they are doing in the Kingdom.  Keep blessing them and their family.  

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