Thursday, June 07, 2018


I met two great evangelists dressed as repairmen...

I love evangelists.  If you know me, you know that.  It's one reason I love my job at Hope for Life.  I am basically a full-time evangelist.  I get paid to go around and talk about Jesus.

I love preachers who are evangelists.  Not all preachers are, so when I meet those who are I really, really appreciate them.

But I not going to be able to share the Jesus story with most people.  Neither are the preachers.  Because we are professionals.  We are supposed to do it.  And by nature of our profession, we don't meet as many ordinary people in the community as we could.  Maybe even should.

But I tell you who is going to make a difference in bringing people to Jesus.  It is the ordinary person going about their everyday business... and who talk about Jesus.

I recently met a couple of them.  They were repairmen.  One worked on appliances.  He was visiting with my wife while he worked on a stove and he talked about how Jesus had helped him overcome his addictions and how committed he was to being the kind of husband and father that God wanted.  Obviously he did not have to convert Marsha, but he did get some affirmation and praise God from her.  But if she had not been a Christian, she might have been intrigued and interested by what God was doing in his life. 

The other one was a plumber.  He was doing some work at my daughter's house and I was out there working on some other stuff.  He called me over to explain that one of the things we wanted repaired could be done by me.  I told him that I appreciated the tip but wasn't that going to cost him money.  He explained that a few weeks ago he had become serious about following Jesus and he was trying to love his neighbor as himself.  He got affirmation also.  But if I was not a Christian, I might have asked him a lot of questions about following Jesus.

I know some other evangelists who support themselves.  I know another plumber, a garden center manager, a car dealership owner, and a Doctor who are really evangelistic.  I know a couple of nurses and a lawyer who talk about Jesus.  And I do know some preachers who do.

So thanks to the two evangelists I met dressed as a repairman.  God bless you and keep telling the story. 

Let's all go and do the same.

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