Tuesday, May 07, 2019


Things I believe about Bible study...

Here are a few things I believe about Bible study.

Reading is study.  I sometimes hear people say we need to do more than read the Bible, we need to study it.  I appreciate good scholarship but for most people, including preachers and elders, it would be amazing if we all just read our Bible every day.  You would be pleased at how much you would learn.

You can understand the Bible.  The Bible really is a simple story.  The important things are clear.  I know there are obscure things mentioned that are not explained anywhere and that seem to only come up once.  I don't worry about those.  I have enough trouble with the things that are clear.  And God does make the big things clear.

Read it for yourself.  It is unsettling to hear someone say the Bible teaches something and when asked to show you where, they have to explain how it really means what it does not say.  I think God and the Holy Spirit were clearer than that. 

It is dangerous when someone tries to explain the Bible does not mean what it does say.  None of us can have a clearer understanding of what God meant than the Holy Spirit did.

The Bible was written by certain men at a certain time to a certain audience.  But they were inspired by the Holy Spirit and God certainly knew about the culture and times that every one would live in.

When giving spiritual advice and counsel, use Scripture.  It is right and true.  And if someone does not like the advice, they can argue with God.  Keeps it from being personal.

I believe that elders have to know Scripture and they are the ones primarily responsible for what the flock is taught.

Do not confuse talking about Scripture with Scripture itself.  Not the same.

Be careful trusting your preacher talking about the Bible more than you trust the Bible. 

If you are going to engage in religious disputes, be sure you are armed with your sword -- the Bible.  I am amazed how many "vigerous discussions" rarely go to the source.  Even among church leaders. 

You need to be responsible for what you believe. 

So start reading your Bible. 

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