Tuesday, June 25, 2019


The Lord is not on your side

It is one of those stories I just didn't pay attention to until recently. 

Joshua is on his way to defeat Jericho when he comes before a man holding a sword.  So Joshua asked him if he was for them (the people of God) or for their enemies.  The soldier replied that he was on neither side, but he was the commander of the Lord's army.


God does not choose sides.

We do.

So be very careful about making decisions and choices.  It is easy for Christians -- and churches -- to make decisions and treat everyone who disagrees with us as enemies.  And of course we expect God to be on our side. 

But here is the thing.  God doesn't choose sides.

We do.

I realize what a fine line it is.  Do I decide what God wants and go to his side?
Or do I decide what I want and expect God to come to my side?

Our churches often reflect the division, anger, and arrogance that we see in our culture.  Even among ourselves we can easily convince ourselves that we are right and anyone who opposes us is opposing God.  So of course God will be on our side.

We make individual choices and expect God to take our side.  Anyone who opposes our choices becomes our enemy. 

I will not expect God to take my side.  I will do everything I can to understand God's will and instruction for my life.  And I will choose to be on the Lord's side.

As will you.  God's side.  Not your church, your preacher, your family, or your culture.


So be very careful.

God does not choose sides.

We do.

Pick wisely.

God is not on your side.

You are on his.

Or not.

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